About Marq Wine Group’s Consulting Services:

With over 12 years of proven success in the wine industry, Marq Wine Group brings energy and a data-based approach to client success. Our services are customized to fit the needs of each client. Deep market research, real relationships, and a long-term strategic approach are the keys to Marq’s client success.

Marq Wine Group’s team will develop a customized strategy and work with you to implement this strategy to achieve long-term, sustainable growth in the U.S market. Successful growth in the U.S. market is achieved through a series of integrated marketing activities. We utilize our broad range of services and capabilities to craft effective campaigns, connect clients to key networks & contacts, create customized database for each client, execute events, develop award winning brand strategies, and execute strategies that result in real market growth for clients.



Services for Wine Regions:

  • Market analysis, assessment, and 3-5 year strategy development plans

  • Warehousing, prior notices, management of shipping/clearance (We own an import company)

  • Long-term research, measurement, benchmarking, and assessment

  • Strategic communications development: including print, wine-writer engagement, web-hosted articles, reviews, and social media promotion (consumer & trade)

  • Trade & media event planning, logistics, and execution

  • Consumer-facing event planning, organization, and execution

  • Restaurant programing and events

  • Social media account management and engagement

  • Website development and maintenance

  • Communications development

  • Creative branding strategy, design, integration, and execution

  • Lead development

Services for Individual Wineries:

  • MARQ importer connection

  • Ratings submission service

  • Assessment of wines by THREE top U.S. sommeliers (for use in pitching to importers)

  • Market development Strategy and Importer Connection

  • Brand strategy, support and marketing

  • Restaurant/retail/event strategy and activation

  • Digital and social media management

  • Traditional media relations

  • Business advisory (regulatory, negotiations, distribution considerations, etc.)

  • Warehousing and sampling

  • Office space/coaching on market development for your internal staff